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Kids Self Defense, Prevention and Awareness

Self growth, discipline and confidence that is necessary to stay off the streets and away from gangs and drugs for Teens and Kids from 5-12 years old.

Little Tigers
*Self growth, discipline and confidence for kids*

Unlike school sports where kids are taught teamwork, self-defense teaches kids confidence that is necessary to stay off the streets and away from gangs and drugs. The mental discipline alone will influence how they perceive themselves and those around them while adopting a level of self-esteem. Later in life, they’ll have this advantage over their peers when applying this in their personal and professional lives.

  •  Formation of healthy and versatile personality
  •  Group work and companionship
  •  Better development of motor functions
  •  Formation of positive moral-voluntary characteristics of personality
  •  Protected from negative effects of the social surrounding
  •  Possibility to attain better success in studying and behavior
  •  Useful and healthy entertainment
  • Helps children / teens avoid the traps of drugs, violence, negativity, crime and suicide

“We need to build self-confidence in kids now so that they may be better prepared in dealing with the ever changing world around them. ”     Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic


The Top Five Reasons Parents Should Consider Enrolling Their Children in an ODBRANA Little Tigers Self Defense Class

            Nowadays, many parents take an approach to childhood bullying that kids should use their words and not their fists to solve problems. However, some problem such as gang violence and severe bullying cannot be solved by talking and trying to make up. Children often live in a world that is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than adults, and it is wise as a parent to try and prepare your child for the harsher realities of life. The ODBRANA “Little Tigers” program is not meant to incite children toward violence against others but to teach them discipline and the ability to deal with their own problems in life. This article has been written to address the reasons why children should learn martial arts training and some of the benefits that can come out in childhood behavior as a result of this training. So, to help both parents and kids improve their lives together, here are the top five reasons parents should consider enrolling their children in an ODBRANA “Little Tigers” self defense class.


            Number 1: Children’s personalities will improve

Children often need to feel accomplished at something in their lives in order to be truly happy. If they are lacking an activity where they can progress in a measurable manner, then they will likely be unhappy and feel purposeless a lot of the time. Sometimes all it takes to put a kid on the right path is to put them in the right direction.


            Number 2: They will learn group work and the ability to connect with others to achieve goals

When they take an ODBRANA class, children will learn to work with others in learning the techniques of martial arts and to practice with other children. Individual activities such as video games and TV do not provide this level of stimulus and will cause them to be worse at socializing with other children their age. Through this class, teamwork is learned and kids will better understand how to accomplish large goals together.


            Number 3: Positive moral lessons are imparted

Positive character traits such as honesty, integrity, and discipline will be taught to your children by the instructor. Few other after school activities will build the moral foundation of a child in the same way. The values that are being taught do not conflict with any religious belief systems or contradict the word of parents. These are universal moral principles that all people around the world share.


            Number 4: It will keep them away from bad influences such as drugs and gangs

The less time your child spends around those who try to influence them in a bad way, the less trouble they will get into. Drugs, gangs, and bullying are largely problems that occur with other kids in school and in neighborhoods. If your child both spends less time with bad influencers and learns to defend himself from bullying, he will feel much less need to get into trouble.


            Number 5: Their grades and overall educational performance will be better

Discipline in one area of life tends to spill over into other areas of life as well. The better and more disciplined a child is at learning ODBRANA, the more likely they will be to do well in school. Homework assignments will be completed much more thoroughly, and additional thought will be given to the future by the child.


We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you have a great time watching your kid grow up strong with ODBRANA training!

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